So glad you decided to travel over to the embarrassing self-promotion section of my website...I'll try to make this stop worth the click energy: 

Five Verbs I Live By: 

- Discover, Believe, Inspire, Cherish, Squish

Random Facts I Mostly Believe: 

- Everyone needs a cat in which to share their daily qualms  

- God created chocolate as an apology for menstrual cycles. 

- Lefties are far superior in almost every way *cough*

- Stories are what make us and change us. 


Embarrassing Truths: 

- I was founder and co-president of a club called the "Health Nuts" in middle school. There were two members.  

- In high school, my idea of romance was counting satellites from playground roofs.

- I was voted most likely to become a crazy cat lady living on a remote island. (Still working on this one)   

Six Degrees of Separation from Fame: 

- I've been sweat on by Chris Martin (before he was a megastar), Gord Downie, and Gavin Rossdale (before Gwen)

- I sat behind Jessica Alba on the movie set for the Love Guru and acted as an extra with Megan Markle before she was a princess

- Juno award-winning jazz artist and gracious friend, Laila Biali played, Your Love is Better Than Icecream, at my wedding

- I've had the privilege of sharing memories and stories with authors such as Lauren K. Denton, Marissa Meyer, Shawn Smucker, June Hur, and Holly Goldberg Sloan ... go check out our podcast for details!

And now for the obligatory head shot and formal bit: 

Tara Ross_headshot_green.jpg

Tara K. Ross is a perpetual Toronto suburbanite, despite her best efforts to escape. She works as a school speech-language pathologist and mentors with local youth programs. She is blessed with a ridiculously supportive family that grants her time to create stories which tackle the interplay of faith and mental health. Her debut novel, FADE TO WHITE, will be published by Illuminate YA (an imprint of LPC) in spring 2020. When Tara is not writing or reading her TBR pile, you can find her rock climbing the Ontario escarpment, planning her family's next jungle trek or blogging at

What else do you want to know? Let your gusts of curiosity open any page on my life story.

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