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Tara has styled mannequins, acted in film and stage, and worked in labs and psychiatry floors—all to pay for six years of university tuition and too many late-night tea runs. When she is not packing bento boxes for her family, or reading and writing, she uses those years of schooling as a Speech-Language Pathologist. 

Tara’s writing has appeared in Tamarind, Wells Street Journal and Kaleidoscope. She is a GoodLit Scholarship Alumna and is Vice-Chair for The Eden Mills Writer’s Festival, showcasing Canada’s most esteemed authors.  She also connects regularly with best-selling authors on her author-interview podcast, The Hope Prose Podcast.


If she can find spare time, you may catch Tara rock climbing the Ontario Escarpment, narrating audiobooks, or geeking out on the latest scientific discoveries.


Tara K. Ross lives with her husband, two daughters, and rescued fur-babies in the artisanal town of Eden Mills, Ontario. She works as a school speech-language pathologist and mentors new and emerging creatives. When Tara is not writing or reading, you can find her rock climbing the Ontario escarpment, interviewing authors for The Hope Prose Podcast, or blogging at

MAGAZINE BIO's (50 words or less):

Tara K. Ross is a writer, podcaster, and audiobook narrator based in Southern Ontario. She is vice-chair of the Eden Mills Writers' Festival and co-host of The Hope Prose Podcast. Her fiction and essays have appeared in Wells Street Journal, Tamarind, and Kaleidoscope.  You can connect with her on Instagram @tara.k.ross or on her website


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Thea Fenton’s life looks picture-perfect, but inside, she is falling apart. Wracked by anxiety no one seems to understand or care about, she resorts to self-harm to deflect the pain inside.

When a local teen commits suicide, Thea’s anxiety skyrockets. Unexplainable things happen, leaving her feeling trapped within her own chaotic mind. The lines between reality and another world start to blur, and her previously mundane issues seem more daunting and insurmountable than ever.

Then she meets Khi, a mysterious new boy from the coffee shop who seems to know her better than she knows herself—and doesn’t think she’s crazy. His quiet confidence and unfounded familiarity draw her into an unconventional friendship. 

Khi journeys with her through grief, fear, and confusion to arrive at compassion for the one person Thea never thought she could love. 

A deeply transformational novel from an authentic new voice in young adult fiction.

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“Relatable, raw, and real, Fade to White is impossible to put down. Tara K. Ross addresses mental health topics with sensitivity and care. Fans of Kasie West and Sarah Dessen will rejoice over this fresh new voice in young adult fiction.”


            — Sara Ella, award-winning author of The Unblemished Trilogy and Coral


“Fade to White is an achingly relatable and intimate read that will crack open your heart and let the light in. Powerful and affecting, Thea Fenton's journey towards hope and healing is one that sticks with you long after ‘the end.’”

            ​Kim Chance, author of Keeper and Seeker


“This heartfelt novel is a gift to society. As today’s young people seek to understand and be understood, they will find great satisfaction in the story's relevance and relatability. Ross has a way with words and a keen sense of the human soul.” 


           — Laura Gallier, Author of The Delusion series


“Tara K. Ross keeps the pages turning and the heart feeling full in her YA debut. Fade to White is a journey of a girl who learns about her strength and purpose by embracing the concern and empathy she has for others. It’s the story of a girl with the kind of heart that the world surely needs now. Tara K. Ross is a writer to watch and will be on my list of favorites for years to come!”


           — Nicole Quigley, award-winning author of Like Moonlight at Low Tide


“Honest and vulnerable, Fade to White is a story that I keep thinking about. With a plot that keeps pages turning and a cast of characters who feel like friends, Ross has given us a pure and dignified look into the life of a teen who is facing her mental illness. Without a hint of exploitation or sensationalism this author has given her reader the gift of seeing Thea Fenton's humanity.” 


            — Susie Finkbeiner, author of All Manner of Things and Stories That Bind Us


“Tara K. Ross has found the perfect blend of cleverly crafted prose, delightfully flawed characters, and brilliantly unique plots that makes her a standout new voice in YA fiction.”


            — Taylor Bennett, author of Porch Swing Girl


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