A deeply transformational novel from an authentic new voice in Christian young adult fiction.

Thea Fenton has a unique gift.

Now, she needs to figure out what to do with it.

Thea Fenton’s life looks picture-perfect, but inside, she is disintegrating. Wracked by anxiety no one seems to understand or care about, she resorts to self-harm to deflect the pain inside.


When a local teen commits suicide, Thea’s anxiety sky-rockets. Unexplainable things happen, leaving her feeling trapped within her own chaotic mind. The lines between reality and another world start to blur, and her previously mundane issues seem more daunting and insurmountable than ever.


Then she meets Khi, a mysterious new boy from the coffee shop who seems to know her better than she knows herself—and doesn’t think she’s crazy. His quiet confidence and unfounded familiarity draw her into an unconventional friendship. 


Khi journeys with her through grief, fear, and confusion to arrive at compassion for the one person Thea never thought she could love. 

Taylor Bennett,

Author of Porch Swing Girl

“Tara K. Ross has found the perfect blend of cleverly crafted prose, delightfully flawed characters, and brilliantly unique plots that makes her a standout new voice in YA fiction.”

Susie Finkbeiner,

Author of  All Manner of Things and The Stories that Bind us.

Honest and vulnerable, Fade to White is a story that I keep thinking about. With a plot that keeps pages turning and a cast of characters who feel like friends, Ross has given us a pure and dignified look into the life of a teen who is facing her mental illness. Without a hint of exploitation or sensationalism this author has given her reader the gift of seeing Thea Fenton's humanity.

Melony Teague,

Author of A Promise to Keep

Tara Ross has captured the struggle young adults go through with precision and compassion. Grab a cup of tea and enjoy this one.