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The Power of Poetry

Yes, this blog is called, "Hope Prose", and no I do not write poetry myself, but I LOVE poetry and the emotional release it can provide. I recently had the joy of chatting through email with a lovely FADE TO WHITE reader, and I found out she writes poetry. She was gracious enough to share one of her poems, and after reading it I begged her to allow me to share it here.

Mental illness is something I want to be normalized within our community, whether that is through conversations, stories, songs, or poetry. Brandi Moore is someone who has beautifully articulated the beast that is depression, while also reminding us that it does not have power over us. Please enjoy and offer her a word of encouragement in the comments:

This Guy Named Depression

I think I met him in 7th grade

My music propelled me to it

His strange scent and obsession with


Intrigued me

My friends didn't really know what I was

struggling with alone.

But my mind did not yet comprehend this

strange but comforting vice.

I'll have to say I visited him a lot less after

turning 13 instead I chased him away with

these toys and games that made me feel


Then in my kitchen

A text message

A stroke

My tears dropped down my face and into

his palms.

I felt him drown me with my own tears.

I heard him say Come, and feel nothing


I had a fling with his friend Death but he

and I didn't get along much.

No matter how many times he flirted with

me I couldn't help but feel safer just flirting

and nothing else.

But both of them wanted more

They wanted something I could not give.

Something I promised to someone else

My life

By: Brandi Moore

This is courage. Sharing your words in such a raw and revealing way is bravery and compassion in action. Thank you again for sharing your creative passion with us, Brandi! This poem will be an encouragement to so many others. Please keep writing!

If you have written a story, poem, or song, that shows how mental illness does not rule over your lives, I'd love to hear from you and showcase your voice on Hope Prose.


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