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YA Book Review: The Delusion

This month's read kept me up way past my bedtime. I was warned not to read it at night and failed to heed this advice. But, despite the nightmares, it was still so worth it.

The Delusion sucks you into the world of Owen Edmond by the end of the first page and doesn’t let go of you until the dramatic conclusion. Laura Gallier not only leaves cliff hangers at the end of each chapter, but even within scenes. I was gripped with curiosity, fear and a need for answers.

I first located this book when I was trying to find comparative titles for Fade to White. I ordered the book online, read through it in a weekend and pulled out the similarities and differences needed for my proposal. I then picked it up again this past month to read with more time and appreciation for the story themes and craft behind the words. And can I tell you something? It was better the second time. And I still got nightmares.

What's it about?

Owen Edmonds is a senior at high school but all post-graduation plans are put on hold when his classmates begin to commit suicide at an alarming rate. After almost dying himself, Owen begins to see people shackled and enslaved by demons that only appear to be visible to himself. He starts out on a mission to understand whether he is going crazy or an unseen battle is being waged against those he loves and cares for most.

(Can see why this was an obvious comparative title for me??)

What did I think?

Quality of Writing (5/5): Gallier is a master with not only story structure and plot, but also with description and detail. Never was there a time I felt the story lagged or the plot struggled to come together. What truly captivated and –to be honest- haunted me, was the meticulous imagery and detail Gallier poured into her descriptions. In each scene you could imagine exactly what is seen by Owen ... sometimes too well!

Turn Paging Effect (5/5): You will have a hard time clicking the light or screen off without reading the next page or chapter. Gallier is gifted with leaving you with what ifs and now what questions that demand to be answered. Even in the conclusion, the story lingers in your mind. What if spiritual powers are attacking me right now? What chains are dragging behind me and how can I release them? Or better yet, who can release them?

Attributes of Hope (5/5): Although this story is generally quite dark in content, there is definitely a thread of hope so necessary and urgent that offsets the dark supernatural forces that weave through the story. In the end, Owen finds a way to see truth even within the dangerous reality he can now see.

I also posted this review on Goodreads. It is amazing how easy it is to click some stars or write a few kind words about books you've enjoyed. It is my new mission to add at least a star review for every book I read, and I know a lot of authors out there who would be ecstatic if you did the same!

Let me know what book I should read and review next. And watch out for a whole new format to my YA book reviews in the near future. I'm so excited to spill the beans this month in my monthly mini-note!


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