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The Audiobook Review of Fawkes, by Nadine Brandes

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Last month I listened to the audiobook version of Fawkes by Nadine Brandes. I had approximately 22 hours of driving over four days, and this seemed like the perfect way to read this much-loved and talked about fantastical retelling of the story of Guy Fawkes. I was so inspired by the narration, and my new microphone that I decided to do an all audio-focused review! (You can read it below or listen to it here)

So I’ll just put it out there. I claim to not like historical novels, but man am I ever eating those words. I am becoming converted to the old side folks. There is a plethora of fan-girl and fan-boy reviews already out there about this novel, and for good cause. This is a must-read. But why not include one more. So here is mine.

A little summary…in the event that you are strange and have not heard about this book: