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The Evolution of a Writer - Part One

As a Christian writer and mentor, blogging about evolution may not seem intuitive, but I come by it honestly. I may have received 100% in high school biology. So, I prudently chose to study science in university. And my first year of biology painstakingly detailed all levels of evolution. Over two Darwinian inspired terms.

I needed to create my own blend of intelligent design and natural selection – or risk losing my delicate hold on a new faith. In short, I deduced that God created everything -including the process and means for all his creation to evolve. I know … oversimplified, but it works for me and the illustration I want to make here.

Over the past three years, I have travelled through my own little evolutionary experiment. I have taken a rather loosely worded goal about writing and turned it into something very different from its original design and intention. Something more vibrant and alive. Something only God could have created and inspired.